Miss chess Mission

Each year the Djerba chess festival elects its ambassador. For edition 3, the princess of the festival is the beautiful Tunisian Sarah Sellimi. Aged 22, Sarah was born into a sporting family and is none other than the daughter of the famous Tunisian football player Samir Sellimi, former player of the Tunisian national team in the golden years of Tunisian football. Her career as an international model and her international experience make her a local star today. Our queen of chess shines and puts all her notoriety at the service of chess in Tunisia. Sarah Sellimi has a long program ahead of her to help develop chess among young Tunisian girls in particular, and in Africa in general. A busy schedule of meetings with the media to sensitize parents and the world of the media to take more interest in chess games in schools and to invite companies and official institutions to help those who want to create clubs or those who play already.

Miss Chess 2023 Sarah Sellimi has already collected donations for primary schools who have expressed a desire to introduce chess clubs. These clubs will be provided by material in the coming weeks.

To know the schedule of visits, meetings with Sarah in the media or actions on the ground, stay connected to our facebook page: DjerbaChessFestival.