Djerba International Chess Festival: Day One Highlights and Tourism Boost

Scenes from the first day of the Djerba International Chess Festival are captured, reminding us that the festival aims to boost tourism on the island during the winter season.   ...

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Promising Start to Djerba Chess Festival Masters!

In the opening round of The Djerba Masters, American chess star Hans Moke Niemann triumphed over Norwegian contender Aryan Tari. Meanwhile, Indian prodigy Divya Deshmukh suffered defeat against Bilel...

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Kick-off of Djerba Chess Festival 2024!

Kick-off of Djerba Chess Festival 2024!The much-awaited Djerba Chess Festival 2024 kicks off today! Starting from 4:10 PM (CET), enthusiasts can follow the thrilling matches of the...

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